Electrical Engineering is one of the fastest growing fields that involves study and application of electricity and electronics. It involves study of computer, electrical and electronics and communication. This deals with generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Job opportunities are ample in both private and public sector like railways, civil aviation, electricity board and utility companies, electrical design and all types of manufacturing industries.


To meet the challenges of new technological advances and to provide updated knowledge in tune with the state of the art technology, re-orientation and upgradation of the curriculum on par with industry relevant learning and training. Thus to be a premier technical department that strives continuously for excellence in education and research.


  1. To provide knowledge based technology and Service to meet the needs of society globally.
  2. To help in building national capabilities for excellent energy management and to explore non-conventional energy sources.
  3. To create research oriented culture and to provide competent consultancy.
  4. To be accountable through self evaluation and continuous improvement.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)-

  1. To train the students of Electrical Engineering program so that they can work with government and private sector companies responsible for development of power sector & prove themselves in electrical maintenance for industry.
  2. To train students of Electrical Engineering program who can contribute to teaching profession, research and development by pursuing higher studies.
  3. To train students of Electrical Engineering program in a manner that they should function effectively in multicultural and multidisciplinary groups in their practice of Electrical Engineering profession.