Activity Office of Person Contact From To
Submission of written complaint Grivance cell Mr Shivakant Singh 9794652974 11AM 4PM
For information & Support
Boys Hostel Warden Mr Diwakar Diwedi 8765513099 8AM 9PM
Mess & Food Mess I/C Mr Raj Kishore Shukla 9695520185 8AM 9PM
Academics & Attendance – Mechancial Branch HOD Mr Anup Kumar Singh 9889032647 11AM 4PM
Academics & Attendance – Civil Branch HOD Mr Ravi Shankar Mishra 9412648060 11AM 4PM
Academics & Attendance – Electronics Branch HOD Mr Rajesh Maheshwari 9452268068 11AM 4PM
Academics & Attendance – CS Branch HOD Mr Niranjan Srivastava 9005923150 11AM 4PM
Academics & Attendance – IT Branch HOD Mr Jai Pratap Dixit 7376253763 11AM 4PM
Academics & Attendance – MBA HOD Ms. Pooja Bajaj 7703067275 11AM 4PM
Accounts & Fee Balance Accounts Mr. Irfan Ahmad 9794864704 11AM 4PM
Bus & Transport Tpt I/c Mr Upendra Yadav 9794103838 11AM 4PM
Examinations, Marks & Degree Dean Dr. Anil Kr Agarwal 9956866997 11AM 4PM
Trainings HOD Trainings Ms. Anjali Mehra 7800160011 11AM 4PM
Complaints against staff and Teachers Director Dr. Alok Mishra 9415029066 2PM 4PM
Admission of your ward Admission Cell Mr. Shivakant Singh 9794652974 11AM 4PM
Samaj Kalyan & Govt Scholarship Registrar Mr. Akhilesh Awasthi 9415760303 11AM 4PM
Education Loans Admission Cell Mr. Arvind Mishra 9839415179 11AM 4PM
Fines and penalties Proctor Prof. SKS Tomar 7607193915 11AM 4PM