S.No Name of the Faculty Member Research Paper title Date of publication Name of the Journal (refereed)
1 DR.Ravi Prakash Verma Data Structure & Algorithm for Combination Tree To Generate Test Case May-11  IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science
2 DR.Ravi Prakash Verma Generation of test cases from software requirements using combination trees May-11 IJCSI, International Journal of Computer Science
3 DR.Ravi Prakash Verma Algorithm for Generating Test Case for Prerequisite of Software Requirement Sep-10  International Journal of Computer Applications
4 DR.Ravi Prakash Verma Representation of Knowledge from Software Requirements Expressed in Natural Language Sep-13 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology (ICETET-13)
5 DR.Ravi Prakash Verma An Expert System For Diagnosis of Neuropsychiatric Disease Aug-14 International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science
6 DR.Ravi Prakash Verma Comparison of different QG techniques Jun-15 IJIESM
7 M.H. KHAN M-Jobs M-Machines Flow shop scheduling to minimize the rental cost. Mar-17 International Conference on challenges and opportunities for Technological innovation in India(COTII), AIMT (363),In APJ Abdul Kalam Technical university, Lucknow, U.P India.
8 ER. Syed Asghar Hussain Rizvi An investigation on surface integrity in EDM process with a copper tungston electrode. 01/04/2016 Procedia (IRP CELSEVIER)
9 ER. Syed Asghar Hussain Rizvi Optimization of surface Roughness of EN-40 in WSPM May-16 IJRET
10 ER. Syed Asghar Hussain Rizvi Experimental Analysis  and Optimization of MRR of Aluminium 6061 in plain turning. 01/05/2016 IJRET
11 ER. Syed Asghar Hussain Rizvi Experimental Analysis of Machining parametries for EDM of AISI4340 Steel using Copper-Tungston Electrode. Jun-16 Journal of Thermal Energy System
12 ER. Syed Asghar Hussain Rizvi Parametric Optimization of Performance of EDM on Alloy Steel AISI4147 using Taguchi Approach. Jun-16 Journal of Recent Activities in Production.
13 Bhawesh Kumar Thakur, Syed Qamar Abbas, Mohd. Rizwan Beg,Sheenu Rizvi Automated Tool For Web User Identification Jul-05 IJREAT International Journal of Research in Engineering & Advanced Technology, Volume 3, Issue 4
14 Bhawesh Kumar Thakur, Syed Qmar Abbas, Mohd Rizwan Beg, Sheenu Rizvi PREPROCESSING OF WEB USAGE DATA FOR LOG ANALYSIS Jul-05 International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 6, Issue 8
15 Sunil Kumar Vishwakarma, Akash, Divakar Singh Yadav Analysis of Lane Detection Techniques using openCV Jul-05 IEEE India Conference (INDICON)
16 Upendra Chauhan, Kamlesh Chandra Maurya Session Initiation Protocol for Wireless computing Devices-Performance evaluation & Result analysis Jul-05 International Journal for Innovations in Engineering, Science and Management Volume 3, Issue 2
17 M.H. KHAN Constrained Flow Shop scheduling problem with m-Machines. Feb-15 Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering, Science, and Technology (JMEST), Vol.2, issue 2, ISSN: 3159- 0040, Berlin, Germany.
18 Subodh Kumar, Raghuraj Suryavanshi, Girish Chandra Formal Methods: Techniques and Languages For Software Development Jan’ 2015 International Journal of Engg. Science & Advance Research, INDIA
19 Bhawesh Kumar Thakur,Syed Qamar Abbas,Mohd. Rizwan Beg WEB PERSONALIZATION USING CLUSTERING OF WEB USAGE DATA 2014 International Journal in Foundations of Computer Science & Technology (IJFCST), Vol.4, No.5
20 Prashant kumar srivastava Structural weight optimization of a brachet using ANSYS Jun-14 IIJRET (eISSN 2311-1163)
21 Vinay Mishra Epoxy/wood Apple Shell Particular composite with improved Mechanical Properties. Aug-14 IJERA (ISSN- 2248-9622 vol4)
22 Shashi Kant Gupta,Neeraj Vimal Performance enhancement of the system through cloud computing Apr-14 International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Research
23 Shashi Kant Gupta, Faisal Siddiqui Secure Data Storage and Retrieval in the Cloud Jun-14 IJRET: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology
24 Akhilesh Kumar, Saroj Kumar Energy Saving Model and Application for Smart Phones Jun-14 IJRET: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology
25 Subodh Kumar, girish Chandra, Divakar Singh Yadav Formal Verification of Security Protocol with B method Sep’2014 IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communication Technology, MNNIT Allahabad (Available on IEEE Xplore Digital Library)
26 Namita Dwivedi, Kamal Srivastava, Neelam Arya Sanskrit word Recognition using prewit’s operator and support vector classification” 2013 IEEE:International Conference on Emerging trends in Computing,Communication and Nanotechnology (ICE-CCN )
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28 M.H. KHAN Two machines Flow shop scheduling problem with a singletransport agent in between. Mar-12 International conference on Manufacturing Excellence (MANFEX),Deptt. Of Mechanical and Automation Engg, University, Section -125, Noida, INDIA.
29 Shashi Kant Gupta, Raghvendra Singh A Governing Tool: E-Panchayat Jun-12 International Journal of Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
30 Satish Kumar SIngh A Comparative Study of Security Mechanisms of Fractal Based Digital Signature Schemes Mar-12 International Journal of Computer Science And Technology
31 Satish Kumar SIngh Enhancing grid network security through advanced Virtual Private networks June, 2012 International Journal of Computer Science And Technology
32 Manish Kumar Singh Web mining : An Introductory Approach to Increase the Performance of Website Using Mined Pattern Apr-12 Journal Of Current Engineerin Research.
33 Manish Kumar Singh A Comparative Study of Web Page Ranking Algorithms International Journalof Advanced Research in Computer Science
34 Manish Kumar Singh Web  Mining Tool: A View  International Journal of Computer Science and Management Research.
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36 Vinodani Katiyar, kamal kumar srivastava,Atul Kumar Applying Adaptive Strategies for Website Design Improvement 2012 Springer: Second International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering & Applications (ICCSEA-2012
37 Mr. J. P. Tripathi Management and Evaluation of Road Traffic system using Fuzzy Logic Jan’ 12 International Journal of Engg. & Mmgt Research, Vol. 2, Issu-I,
38 Dr. S. Q. Abbas Development of a structural frame work to achieve quality data Jan’ 11 International Journal of Advanced Engineering. & Applications (IJAEA)
39 Dr. S. Q. Abbas Availability Metrics: Under Controlled Environments for Web Services Sep’ 11 International Journal on Web Service Computing (IJWSC) vol. 2 No. 3
40 Dr. S. Q. Abbas A controller Based Approach for Web Services virtualized instance Allocation 2011 International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies vol.2 2666-2670
41 Mr. Anil Agarwal/Mr. Subodh Kumar A Novel Technique for Data Base Selection and Document selection 2011 International Journal of Computer Applications
42 Mr. Anil Agarwal Web Information Recuperation from Strewn Text Resource Systems 2011 International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology
43 Mr. Anil Agarwal A New Ant Approach for unraveling Data-Clustering and Data-Classification Setback 2011 International Journal of computer Science and Applications (IJCSA 2010 Issue)
44 Mr. U. P. Singh The Performance of Pivoted curved slider bearings : Rabinowitsch Fluid Model 2011 International Journal Society of tribologists and Lubrication Engineering
45 Mr. U. P. Singh Effects of Inertia in the steady state pressurized flow of a non-newtonian fluid between two curvilinear surfaces of revolution 2011 Chemical and Process Engineering
46 Mr. J. P. Tripathi Traffic Signal control using fuzzy logic 2011 International Journal of Engg, Science & Tech. (Communicated)
47 Mr.Yogendra Kumar Mishra / Mr.Kaushlendra Kr.Srivastava An Importance of Library Networking in Imparting Knowledge. July’11 A Quarterly Journal of Education Mullya Avmulyan,ISSN 2231-5772,Vol.1,Issu-02
48 Dr. S. Q. Abbas An Architecture for Association Rule Discovery from students repository Feb’ 11 International Journal of Computer Science Engg. & Tech. (IJCSET) P 14-19 Vol. 1 Issue-1
49 Kamal kumar srivastava,Sadab Ahmad Cross site Scripting Attacks 2011 IEEE:International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ICMLC 2011),Singapore
50 Kamal kumar srivastava, Vivek Chauhan  “A new Open Source Cloud Computing Architecture of Weather application 2011 journal of science and engineering” SITM, U.P.
51 Kamal Srivastava, Atul Kumar A new approach of CLOUD: Computing Infrastructure on Demand 2011 Source Software Systems: Challenges and   Opportunities (OSSS 2011)”University of Kashmir, “
52 Dr. V. B. Singh Innovations in Corporate Strategies of Organisations in Hospitality Industry in Lucknow 2010 LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG No. : 39631 ISBN : 978-3-8473-3562-7 Heinrich-Bocking-Str. 6-866121, Saarbrucken, Germany
53 Dr. S. Q. Abbas Performance Comparison of Web Services under Simulated and Actual Hosted Environment Dec’ 2010 International Journal of Computer Applications (0975-8887) Vol. 11 No. 5
54 Dr. S. Q. Abbas A proposed Adaptable Quality Frame work for an Effective Process Design Jan’ 10 International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Application (IJAEA) University of Genova, Italy,
55 Dr. S. Q. Abbas Net Personal : A Recommender System to Personalize the Environment 2010 IEEE Xplore Digital Library
56 Dr. S. Q. Abbas User Interface Design on World wide web : External Factor Oct’2010 International Journal of computer Applications in Engg., Tech. & Science (IJ-CA-ETS) (ISSN :0974-3596) Vol. 2, Issue-1 Page 370
57 Dr. S. Q. Abbas The Role of Patterns in User Interface Design Process July’10 International Journal of Emerging Tech. & Application in Engg., Tech & Sciences ISSN : 0974-3588 (IJ-ETA-ETS)
58 Dr. S. Q. Abbas Comparative Study between stream Cipher and block cipher using RC 4 and Hill Cipher Nov’10 International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), University of Virginia, USA
59 Mr. Anil Agarwal DBSEL and HighRelDoc: Two Approaches for information Reclamation from Distributed Text Resource Systems on Internet 2010 International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications (IJANA)
60 Manish kumar , Kamal Kumar ,Ashish Avasthi,Vineeta Bajpai New Approaches towards the Collision detection 2010
61 Subodh Kumar, Mohd. Husain Novel Query Perfection Method For Humanizing Document Retrieval Apr-10 International Symposia in Computing, SRMCEM Lucknow
62 Dr. S. Q. Abbas Improving Requirements Quality: An approach to reduce Impact of Requirements volatility July’09 International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Applications in Engineering, Tech & Science (IJ-ETA-ETS)
63 Dr Kamlesh Singh ROBOT CONTROLLED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CONFIGURATION SYSTEM & AUTOMATIC PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION Feb’16 National Conference in Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow
64 Dr Kamlesh Singh ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED HIGH ROOT SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION WITH REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEM OUTPUT FUNCTION Feb’16 National Conference in Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow
65 Dr Kamlesh Singh INTELLIGENT BEHAVIOR BASED EMOTION CONTROL ARCHITECTURE FOR INDUSTRIAL ARTICULATED ROBOT APPLICATIONS Feb’16 National Conference in Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow
Books Publications
S.No. Title of book Publication House Author Year of Publication
1 Java Programming Made Easy Vitasta Publication, New delhi Dr. Syed Qamar Abbas 2008
2 Engineering Physics (Vol. 1) Techguru Publications Dr. Alok Mishra & Dr Rahul 2009-10
3 Engineering Physics (Vol. 2) Techguru Publications Dr. Alok Mishra & Dr Rahul 2010-11
4 Engineering Practical Physics Techguru Publications Dr. Alok Mishra 2009-10
5 Industrial Management New Age International Publication Ltd, New Delhi Prashant Kumar Srivastava & Simant 2011
6 Theory of Machines-1 Shubham Publication, New Delhi Prashant Kumar Srivastava & Marut Tiwari 2010
S.No. Name of Faculty Member PATENT Title Granted Authority
Awards & Achievements
S.No. Name of Faculty Member Awards/Achievements Granted Authority
1 Dr. Kamlesh Singh Nominated for YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD DRDO (Association with CSIR)
2 Dr Alok Mishra & Dr. Kamlesh Singh 04 Students selected for University Innovation Fellows  for  GOOGLE and Stanford University, USA GOOGLE and Stanford University, USA


Ambalika Institute of Management &Technology(AIMT), Lucknow , organised Faculty Development Program (FDP) for up-dating of knowledge in latest trends in different streams for its faculty as well as for faculty of other colleges. An open invitation was extended to all colleges, particularly of  Lucknow region.

FDP on RECENT ADVANCEMENT IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING &MANAGEMENT ( RASTEM-2018) was conducted from 5th July to 12th  July 2018 in which the faculty of AIMT and some faculty members of other colleges also participated. No fee was charged for this FDP.

Program started with traditional Lamp Lightening followed by motivational  speeches of Dr.S.Q. Abaas (Director General (AIMT)), Dr. Alok Mishra (Director (AIMT)) and  Dr. P.K. Dwivedi (Dean (AIMT)).

Mr. Ashish Pandey started FDP formally  giving presentation on DATA SCIENCE and enlightened the faculty on its various aspects, including skills, roles & responsibilities  of Data Science. He also explained how to choose a particular tool to handle Data Science.

Mr. Satish of CSE spoke about Mobile Computation and explained past, present and coming technology in this regard and also included merits and demerits of continuous up-dation of latest status.

Optical Communication history, principle of working, latest status in the field and enormous merits of  Optical communication was detailed by Mr. Ravi Kumar .

Dr. Upender  Kumar spoke on mobile Evolution from 1G to 5G and covered various aspect related to mobile & its technologies used. He also briefed merits & demerits of all generations.

HOD ECE, Prof. Maheshwari,  also availed the opportunity to interact with the faculty and explained the importance of frequency spectrum in this regard.

Mr. R. S. Mishra, HOD Civil , spoke in detail about importance of Vastu in  construction  or you can say construction as per Vastu  and gave various point related to construction of specific area in particular portion of the plot. He also mentioned about GOLDEN RATIO and explained with example its importance.

Mr. Anup Singh, HOD ME, availed the occasion to give presentation on Advancement in SI Engine Technology and explained with latest model about it.

Mr. Aditya spoke on various methods  and tools used to minimise material without compromising on quality and strength and hence ultimately reducing the production cost.

Smart Prediction of Software Defects using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach was covered by Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh. He explained his approach of prediction and answered number of queries related to the topic.

Scope of Nanoscience & Technology was taken up by Dr. Shiveom Srivastava and he explained latest progress in this regard while stating his own contribution in this field.

Mrs. Shweta Mishra has also availed the opportunity and focused on a very important and interesting topic Emotional Intelligence and spoke on its importance in personality enhancement. She also discussed its relation with IQ and emotional balance in detail.

Dr. Ravi Kumar was also permitted to speak on Indian Contribution in Science, Technology, Engineering & Management.  He enlightened all the faculty on what India had done in past and its contribution. Giving various examples and quoting references he made us feel proud of what our fore fathers had contributed centuries back that others claimed their own much later.

With speakers and topics covering a vast range, enhanced our knowledge in other streams also and faculty was seen requesting to make this a regular feature every semester.

FDP has always been of great success according to the feedback.

Innovation by faculty
PhD Award
PhD Guided