The technical club in department of civil engineering was formed in the year 2013 with a sole objective of harnessing the creative abilities of civil engineering students in the college so that they may become more confident engineers in future to serve the nation and to bring name and fame to their Alma Mater.

Mission and Vision:
Club is working with a mission to create better citizens and better engineers to serve the nation. Since civil engineering is the branch which has made the human beings civilized, it is imperative on the part of civil engineers to be better citizens  , better human beings and to make this world a better place to live. This is possible only when all their creative abilities are channelized to create a peace full world.The club is involved in activities which are in conformity with its mission. It works on creating models which reduce the pollution; think of the designs which are more economical and which confirm to the demands of modern prevailing trends with indigenous technologies.
The club has got a very clear vision for future which has already been mentioned earlier i.e. to create a better world. Previously its activities were diversified but now it has focused upon clear cut motives i.e. to create eco friendly models which are economical and which can be converted in to prototypes.

Committee Members:

Mentor R.S.Mishra (HOD)
Faculty coordinator Madhu Singh
Student coordinator Shishir Gupta
Members All the students of civil branch

Activities & Event

  • To organize technical and literary debates on Weekly basis
  • To organize GD sessions fortnightly.
  • To organize events of model making.
  • Organized a workshop on bridge construction
  • Organized a seminar on Energy saving
  • Presented various models in Tech Fest

Contact :
R.S. Mishra@ 9 412648060