Ambalika Institute has been a frontrunner in providing the best and the latest technology to its students. Ambalika in 2015 introduced Synology DSM (Disk Station Manager) and started Content Server based learning for its pupils.

Disk Station Manager (DSM) is an intuitive web based operating system found on every Synology NAS (network-attached storage). It is designed to help manage data, documents, photos, music, videos and all other forms of digital assets. The core functionality of a NAS is the ability for users to access and share digital files. There is seamless file sharing across different platforms, whether window, Mac, Linux, Computers or mobile devices.

Students at Ambalika Institute download the DS Video application on their Android / Window mobile, computer, IPad etc and can avail the FREE facility of DSM with over 80 Terabyte of video data at their fingertips.

DS boasts of storing about 10,000 movies, notes, discovery programs, lectures, IIT lectures, laboratory videos, training videos on personality development, technical training videos, educational videos, course lectures, journals, songs, assignments, books etc. including IIT Bombay lectures. Incidentally, IIT Bombay has made Ambalika Institute the nodal center of Uttar Pradesh.

All these and much more know-how’s and entertainment are accessible at the campus via the intranet. By introducing new age technologies we at Ambalika are helping students to make their transition from college to work place smooth by empowering them with vast knowledge.