Pre – Placement Activities

The pre placement activities of college includes -:

  • Communication, networking and relationship building with the potential recruiters.
  • Invitation to potential recruiters to visit the Institute.
  • Continuation of placement activities after the stipulated period, till all the students are placed.
  • General follow-up, joining formalities and other administrative activities.
  • Grooming and training of the candidates for the placements so that their chances of selection increase. The students are trained on aspects like:

Facing Interviews.

Facing Group Discussions.

Professional Resume Writing.

Cracking Aptitude Exams.

Skill Development Sessions & Programs.

Preparing Mock Exercises.

Recruitment and Placement Sessions.

Arranging Seminars and Technical talks.

Basic Grammar

  • Improving the communication abilities of students and technical knowledge of student.

The Objective of the Activity is -:

  • To Bridge the gap that currently exists between the Industry and fresh professionals for recruitment purposes.
  • To minimize Stage fear.
  • To build confidence among students.
  • To make students know the Importance of Training & Placements.
  • Make them prepared for further training session and placements.

This important activity is vital to enable the students to achieve desired career objective.