Computer  Aided  Design  &  Manufacturing  (CAD/CAM)  is a  special  branch  of Mechanical Engineering that employs wide range of Computer based tools and techniques assisting engineers in design and manufacturing endeavors. Geometrical modeling, analysis, optimization, validation and simulation are some of the well-known concepts involved in the study of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. CAD helps in making clear cut drawings and other architectural image with 2D and 3D images such that it can be used for some buildings and car modeling as well. CAM is generally used for manufacturing the 3d models using the help of computers


To nurture the students in achieving excellence in mechanical engineering to develop proficiency in the field of research activities along with overall personality development and contribute the nation and humanity.


Motivating students to indulge in critical and creative thinking by putting them in challenging environments.

Developing department of mechanical engineering as a centre of excellence in the field of automobile engineering, CAD/CAM and robotics.

Creating an interactive environment in classes which is mutually beneficial for students and teacher.

Develop the habit of continuous learning, teamwork and fulfill the societal needs.
Programme  Objectives:

M.Tech. in  Mechanical  Engineering  with  CAD/CAM provides  an opportunity for engineering students to mold themselves to meet the needs, requirements and challenges of product development industries. The proposed program would offer the students to learn design and manufacture as adopted by the Industry in the present form i.e. in the form of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) as well as their proper and seamless integration. Design engineers would be ready to understand the challenges thrown during product manufacturing and vice-versa. This would teach them the paradigm of

„Time  Compression Technologies‟  (TCT). Therefore, the long-term goal of this program is to prepare the  students  towards  integrated  design  and  manufacturing  leaning.  The  program  is designed in such a way that it would cater to the need of today’s industrial environment.

The M.Tech. Programme is line with the manifesto of the Institute. The teaching and research work in an integrated environment of IT; Design and Manufacturing would create a new path not only in interdisciplinary research but would also meet the demand of the industry. Hence, by introducing the proposed programme, the Institute and the discipline would be benefited and be able to establish a leadership and unique academic environment.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

The overall educational objective for Master of Technology in CAD/CAM is to educate students with excellent technical capabilities in the mechanical engineering discipline with the knowledge of computer aided design and manufacturing, who will be responsible citizens and continue their professional advancement through life-long learning. As Mechanical engineers with expertise in CAD/CAM, post graduates are prepared with following educational objectives:

  1. ACADEMIC APTITUDE :To impart the knowledge of engineering subject matter incorporating computer as a tool and building a bright career in the area of design, simulation, manufacturing and production.


  1. TECHNICAL COMPETENCE: To create technical ability in students by exposure of on hand practice in laboratory, operating CNC machines and conducting various experiments using latest infrastructure to enhance research approach.


  1. CREATIVITY: To  construct  the  confidence  by  employing  various  learning  resources  for solving engineering/ industrial problems, designing products for social economic issues to explore skill of entrepreneur.


  1. EXPERTISE: To develop professionalism to formulate and solve problems of interest individually and in team with high value of ethics.


  1. COMMUNICATION: To apply an environment of communication through oral and written presentation of technical reports derived research reports so as to interact with academicians, researchers, and industrial practices.


CAD/CAM engineers find opportunities in production and manufacturing environments which employ software tools and techniques for speeding up their activities.

Integrated  CAD/CAM  Software  like  Pro/Engineer,  I-DEAS  &  CATIA  help  manufacturers optimize product concept early in Design process, enabling them to significantly improve product quality, while reducing product development time and cost.

Moreover people having 3D CAD/CAM knowledge have better chances of growth, immediate employability after completion of course and chances of jobs abroad.

As the market economy opens more and more it has become extremely competitive and with this state of economy, skilled people play the most important role in organization. Hence it becomes imperative on the part of top Tool Room Training Centers and Engineering Colleges to specially look for new initiatives towards improving the skills and knowledge of the students. Education in Tool Room and the world of CAD/CAM software is increasing as an essential part of the curriculum. The various Scope and career opportunities of program mention below.

Ø  Production Engineer

Ø  CAD/CAM Consulting Services

Ø  Automotive Engineer

Ø  Automotive Technician

Ø  CAD/CAM Manager

Ø  CAD/CAM operator

Ø  Machine Tool operator

Ø  Tool and Die maker

Ø  Metal and Plastic machinist

Ø  Assembler and Fabricator

Ø  Animation

Ø  Aerospace engineer

Ø  CAD/CAM Software Development

Ø  CAD/CAM Hardware Development

Ø  CAD/CAM Software Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Ø  Aerospace Technician

Ø  CAD/ CAM Instruction Services

Ø  CAD/CAM Marketing and Sales

Ø  Manufacturing Assistant

Ø  Simulation Technology

Ø  Robotics

Ø  Digital Art and Advertising

Ø  Internet Development and Consulting

Ø  Cutting Tool Designer, Architectural Designer

Ø  Rehabilitation Technology

Ø  Medical Imaging systems