‘Reflections’- SUPRA SAE Team

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The SupraSae team was led by HOD Mr. Anup K Singh, Aditya Veer Gautam (Faculty Advisor), Akash Shukla (Captain), Gaurav Singh (Vice-Captain), Vishnu Kumar Sharma, Tabish Ali, Nitesh Kumar Singh, Utkarsh Kumar Sharma, Abhishek Kumar, Shivam Verma, Prashant Srivastav, Vikas Singh, Narsingh Chauhan, Muzamil, Aakash Sharma, Anurag Vishwakarma, Aman Shukla, Yogendra Verma, Ashutosh Pandey, Amit Vishwakarma, Mohit Singh Chauhan, Ravi Chaudhari, Manish Verma, Shobhit Tyagi, Yashpal Singh, Saurav Raj, Apoorva Chauhan.

“SUPRA SAE has given me a platform to display my talent in front of the world. It has given me a chance to utilize and improve my convincing skills in arranging for sponsorships. It also enhanced my personality and attitude. I am very thankful to my college for providing me this opportunity”

                                                                                    Akash Shukla, Civil 3rd Year  (Team Captain)

“My experience at Buddha International Circuit was very good. This event provided us a stage to represent ourselves on national level and develop our skills. There was so much to learn from the technical inspector and other teams”

                                                                             Gaurav Singh, ME 3rd year (Vice-captain, Team)

A combined effort

“The best part is the national exposure. Our vehicle getting inspected by people with immense knowledge in Automobile Engineering gave us the chance to truly learn the application level of engineering fundamentals”

                     Utkarsh Kumar Sharma, EC 3rd year (Electrical and Electronics Head of Team)

“I am very glad to be a part of this event. I have gained so much practical knowledge from this event in just few days. Observing F1-cars of various other teams also gave us new ideas for our future car and interacting with different teams also lead to productive exchange of great ideas”

                                                              Aman Shukla, ME 3rd Year (Workshop Head of Team)

engineers at work

“With this event I realized that if we give enough input and don’t give up, anything is possible. I am very glad and thankful that I was given the responsibility of designing the car. Though we had less time in hand  but with our collective effort we were able to fabricate the car in record time. The event was an eye opener for us and we came to realize the mistakes that we made. But with the kind of response we got from the technical inspector we are now confident that we will be able to compete in SUPRA SAE 2017 with the same level as those of premier institutes of India”

                     Vishnu Kumar Sharma, ME 3rd Year (Designer and Technical Head of Team)

“It was my best experience as I like purchasing and marketing. I was actively involved in the carrying out task related to purchasing. We felt very proud when we went to Noida to compete on an international track.”

                              Manish Verma, ME 3rd Year (Purchasing and Marketing Head of Team)

working hard

“My SUPRA SAE experience was very good as it gave me a lot of knowledge and technical experience. It taught me on professionalism and hard work. It gave me chance to work on many tools and machines which I used to just look at before”

                             Mohit Singh Chauhan, ME 3rd year (Tools and Equipment Head of Team)

“I have been working in my automobile workshop at home since my childhood but this was the first time where instead of maintenance work, we actually fabricated the entire car from scratch. This is the very first time that I adequately used my skills in manufacturing a car. Many of my small ideas (innovation) were greatly appreciated.”

                          Amit Vishwakarma, ME 3rd year (Innovation and Welding Head of Team)

At the campus