A.       The aims and objectives of the Committee shall be to maintain the ragging free environment in the Institute campus including hostel, mess, and canteen including student transport in buses.

B.     To form and look after anti-ranging squad.

Responsibilities & Mechanism

A.    The members of the committee shall be vigilant in the campus for ragging related activities.

B.     If any ragging related activity occurs in the campus, student shall bring it to the notice of committee through convener.

C.     A meeting shall be called to discuss the complaint.

D.    The views of each individual member shall be taken during the meeting.

E.     The recommendations of the members shall be sought regarding the ragging activity.

S. No. Name Department Convener/member
1 Dr. S Q Abbas Computer Science and Engineering/ Director General Convenor
2 Mr. S. K. S. Tomar Applied Science Co Convenor
3 Dr. Alok Mishra Applied Science/ Director Member
4 Mr. Shiv Singh Mechanical Engineering Member
5 Dr. P K Divedi Applied Science/ Dean Academics Member
6 Mr. Satish  Kumar Singh Computer Science and Engineering Member
7 Mr. R. S. Mishra Civil Engineering Member
8 Mr.Anup Kumar Singh Mechanical Engineering Member
9 Mr. Jai Pratap Dixit Computer Science and Engineering Member
10 Mr. Alok Mishra Computer Science and Engineering Member
11 Mr. Dawar hussian Electronics Engineering Member
12 Sub Divisional Magistrate Member
13 Police Inspector Member
14 Mrs. Vandana Pathak Mechanical Engineering Member
15 Miss. Upasna Computer Science and Engineering Member
16 Dr. Rahul Singh Applied Science Member
17 Mr. Jayesh Bajpai  Local Representative Member
18 Mr. Javed  Students Parent Member