Academic Council


A.    To exercise general supervision over the academic policies of the Institute and to give directions regarding methods of instructions, evaluation, teaching methodology, research & development or any type of improvement in academic standards.

B.     To consider the matters of general academic interest either or in own initiative or a reference from any other board or committee and to take appropriate action there on.

C.     To frame such regulations or policies, which are consistent with the students, Faculty members and the ordinances of affiliating university regarding the academic functioning of the Institute including discipline, admissions, examination or any type of Faculty members or student awards, scholarship, any other achievement, fees and other academic requirements.

D.    To submit the details of academic calendar along with details of all the academic programs and its functioning in each semester to the board of management.

E.     To conduct at least two meetings in a session, one in each semester or whenever required.

F.      To Mentor the students in order to utilize training & placement activities.

G.    To plan & execute the overall academic growth of Institute and making recommendation to the board of management.

H.     To make collaboration with other academic institutions and industries as per requirement of current scenario and to create conductive environment in order to develop entrepreneurship.

I.        To introduce incentives such as scholarship, medals, prizes etc to encourage the students to participate in sports and co- curricular activities.


S. No. Name Department Convener/member
1 Dr. SQ Abbas Director General Convener and Chairman
2 Dr. Alok Mishra Director Co-convener
3 Prof. Mukul Gupta Director CoE Member
4 Dr. P.P. Sinha Applied Science Member
5 Dr. P.K. Dwivedi Applied Science Member Secretary
6 Mr. S.K.S. Tomar Applied Science Member
7 Mr. Pankaj Prajapati Electronics & Communications Engineering Member
8 Dr. Kamal Srivastava Computer Science and Engineering Member
9 Mr. P.K. Srivastava Mechanical Engineering Member
10 Mr. RS Mishra Civil Engineering Member
11 Mr. Anup Kr. Singh Mechanical Engineering Member
12 Mr. J P Dixit Computer Science and Engineering Member
13 Mr. Dawar Hussain Electronics & Communications Engineering Member
14 Mr. Sunil Kr. Singh Applied Science Member
15 Mr. Suresh Maithani Applied Science Member
16 Dr. Shweta Mishra Business Administration and PDP (Training) Member
17 One member from Industry Member
18 Mr. Amritanshu Vaish Placement Member
19 Mr. Alok Mishra Computer Science and Engineering