Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University organised a program to educate students on the importance of Sanskrit language

On 4th August, 2017, the B. Tech Students of Computer Science Department of Ambalika Institute of management and Technology,  were informed about the grand program which was to take place in the prestigious Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University situated in Sec-11 of Jankipuram, Vistar Yojna, Lucknow. The students were responsibly escorted to the respected campus and sent back home safely.

The program was attended and guided by learned and knowledgeable professors of the education domain. The students were patiently apprised and imparted with the importance of our reputable language Sanskrit. It was a privilege listening to the esteemed professors with years of experience and impeccable service.

It was a golden opportunity for the students to learn about the great heritage and culture of the renowned language of Sanskrit and it’s global importance. The day indeed proved to be valuable and greatly beneficial for the students and apparently would help in their respective careers ahead.