Department of Business Administration


The department shall endeavor to promote entrepreneurial culture, develop managerial and communication skills of the students to enable them in contributing to the development of the society and the nation.


-To impart professional education and training in the field of management and entrepreneurship education.

-To disseminate knowledge and information by organizing seminars/workshops/industrial visits to develop professionalism.

-To interact with the industrial organizations to meet the demand of quality technical human resource.

-To Become best college for MBA in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (UP), India

-Developing knowledge driven, inspiring minds and dynamic leaders for betterment of the world around us.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

  • Students will establish themselves as effective professionals by solving real problems through the use of management science knowledge and with attention to team work, effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Students will develop professional skills that prepare them for immediate employment and for life-long learning in advanced areas of management and related fields.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment by having learnt and applied new skills and new competencies.
  • Students will be provided with an educational foundation that prepares them for excellence, leadership roles along diverse career paths with encouragement to professional ethics and active participation needed for a successful career.


“Finance as a subject involves the management, control and review of the collection, investment and resources of money as a capital required for an industrial building, plant and working”

This activity is called Financial Management which is controlled by the Finance Manager.

The students always think that, why they should go for MBA in Finance. While there are many other specializations in MBA curriculum, then what is the scope of finance?

It is the age of industrialization. Many industries are coming up in many developed and developing countries. Finance is the basic need to start an industry and in according to the money management of the resources, its proper collection and distribution. MBA is a two years degree program affiliated with some recognized university .

The financial management is concerned to the planning and controlling of the financial resources of an industry”.


MBA in Marketing has become one of the most popular degrees both by students and employers in modern era. With the shift to digital and online marketing, most businesses now have their own, in-house marketing teams that specialize in bringing traffic and customers to the company.

There are a number of areas of marketing but MBA in marketing doesn’t limit the degree holder in pursuing marketing careers alone. The skill set can be put towards dozens of other career options, from consulting to entrepreneurial management.

The course is designed in such a way that prospective students attain potential to become excellent marketing manager and acquire high salary packages.
MBA in Marketing is designed to teach students a wide variety of soft skills, such as communications, analytical and leadership skills that can then be applied to a wide variety of positions across any number of companies and industries – no two companies are going to need, or demand, the exact same requirements from their marketing manager.


Students in MBA program with a focus in human resource management can take courses in business strategies and concepts, with an emphasis on corporate headhunting, benefits analysis, compensation management and business coaching. MBA program typically involves advanced level assignments, reports, presentations, internships and group projects. Programs typically take about two years to complete.

Coursework typically involves basic business concepts and human resource-specific topics. Students can be taught business strategies and learn to use them in everyday business operations.


  • Management teaches you to understand how people behave in organizations, and the nature of power,
    influence and leadership. Management can be said as art and science both, to utilize the the resources
    that are man, money, machine, material and method to their optimum level.
    Whether you aim to be self-employed, an entrepreneur, head your own company; or to work for private
    business, not-for-profit organisations or government agencies – Management gives you the tools for
    Explore the issues facing individuals and organisations in the workplace today. There are many reasons
    to study Management.
    Study Management and work in-and-through organisations
    Your career will surely involve working in organisations, regardless of your chosen career path. As an
    economist, or marketer – or indeed in any job – your effectiveness at work depends on your
    understanding of the organisation you work in, and how to get things done through it.
    Learn about organisations and individuals in Management
    You need to understand how people behave in organisations, the sources of power and influence, and
    the nature of leadership. Learn about organisations, and the people within them, in our courses on:
  • Organisation Behaviour
  • Organisation Theory
  • Communication
  • Employment Relations
  • Connect to the world
    Management can take you places. New Zealand is one of the smallest – and is the most isolated –
    country on earth. We need to work extra hard at connecting to the global economy. Your career could
    take you to one of the great centres of global economic activity: New York, London, Tokyo.
    Do you want to understand more about how to be effective in international as well as national contexts?
    Keen to understand the global business system and the giant global corporations that run it?
    If so – study International Management at Otago to get your career flying!
    Discover how organisations work
    Organisations are fascinating! Learn to understand organisations better, and make them work for you.
    We can help you gain that advantage for your future career.
    Have you ever wondered:
  • Why organisations even exist?
  • Why organisations arrange the activity that goes on within and around them in the way that
    they do?
  • Why every organisation is different – even when they are direct competitors in the same
  • If you answered yes to any of the above then studying with us in the Department of
    Management is perfect for you!

Learn how to be a manager, or manage your own business
If you become a manager, your role will be to direct, lead, plan, manage, encourage, cajole, coach and
organise all activity within the organisation. Or maybe you’d prefer to be your own boss – self-
employed, an entrepreneur, or the head of your own company?
Wherever your career takes you, benefit from the models and insights and answers we have to offer.
Begin preparation for your future with our specialist courses in:

  • Human Resource Management
  •  Operations Management
  • Strategic Management
    The domain of Management offers multiple career opportunities. Considering the prospect of these
    courses the Top Management Colleges in India proffer a wide range of Management Courses for the
    aspiring candidates. As there are various courses in this field, the scope appended to each varies.
    Before moving further and pinning down the specific job options, let’s first see what management
    degree programs are available with the topmost colleges.
    Have a look at the topmost graduate degrees first:
  • BBA
  • BBA (Service Industry Management)
  • B.Com
  • Postgraduate degrees in Management:
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA Information Technology
  • MBA Business Analytics
  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Finance
    Career Opportunities after completing management degrees:
    Bachelor of Business Administration: Being a three-year degree, BBA makes students well-acquainted
    with all the principles of business and management. Once the candidates complete this degree, they can
    start working on the following positions:
  • Business Administration Researcher
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Business Consultant
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Career development officer
  • Sales Executive
  • Recruiting Coordinator
    Bachelor of Business Administration (Services Industry Management): This is just like a BBA
    degree except it focuses only on the tertiary sector. Some of the most remunerative career
    opportunities in the Service Industry include the following:
  • Service manager
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Front office executive
  • Customer care executive
  • Event manager
  • Health service manager
  • Sales coordinator
  • Retail manager
    B.Com: B.Com is a three-year graduate degree that also has a wider perspective. Within the curriculum
    of this degree, various postulates of management, business, finance, accounts, taxation, etc, are
    subsumed. Owing to the wide spectrum of subjects, the jobs can be done in an array of organizations.
    Since it is a bachelor’s degree, the jobs are mostly at the entry position and these include the following:
  • Auditor
  • Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Finance Officer
  • Sales Analyst
  • Tax Accountant
  • Stock Broker
  • Economist
  • Business Development Trainee
    MBA: Master of Business Administration is one of the most remunerative degrees across the world. It is
    a two-year degree that comes with different specializations offering employment across verticals. Some
    of the best MBA specializations include the following:
    MBA Human Resource Management: MBA Human Resource Management, as the name implies,
    prepares the students for joining the human resource department. The top-paying career opportunities
    after this degree include:
  • HR Generalist
  • Staffing Director
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Compensation Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Placement Manager
    MBA Information Technology: It is a degree with which candidates will learn to manage IT systems and
    related services. It is a semi-technical degree that amalgamates the postulates of IT and management.
    The various career opportunities after concluding this include:
  • Project Manager
  • Business Development Manager/Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • System Manager
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Business Analyst
    MBA Business Analytics: It is one of the Top MBA specializations in the year 2020. Business Analytics,
    as the name states, has the role of evaluating and improving the business processes. The job posts that
    one can work with an MBA in Business Analytics include:
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Healthcare Analyst
  • IT Analyst
  • Computer Systems Analyst
    MBA Marketing: Marketing is intrinsic to any business and hence it is one of the oldest academic
    disciplines as well. MBA Marketing allows students to work as:
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
    MBA Finance: Finance is the lifeline of every organization and so, it needs to be managed with
    perfection. MBA finance helps students in working on the following posts:
  • Accounting Professional
  •  Financial Analyst
  • Credit Appraisal Officer
  • Treasury Manager
  • Investment & Banking Associate
  • Financial Risk Managers
  • Investment & Insurance Advisor
  • Investment Banker
  • Financial & Investment Consultant
    In conclusion, investing time, money, and energy on Management degrees is a wise decision in the
    present times. With more and more specializations being offered under these degrees, aspirants can
    find their core interests and get into the best of companies easily. All they need is the support of the
    best management colleges.
S. No. Session Student Name Project Title
1 2018-20 Anuj Singh “Aeronautical revenue at AAI Airports vis a vis aeronautical revenue at Private Airports ”
2 2018-20 AKANKSHA GUPTA Human Resource Management in Banking Sector
S. No. Session Student Name Project Title
1 2019-21 Neha Singh Summer training Report on Recruitment and Selection in Axis Bank
2 2019-21 Sweta Gupta A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour About Coca-Cola in Lucknow city in Coca-cola
3 2019-21 Amisha singh Summer Training Project Report on Training Process in Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
S. No. Session Student Name Project Title
1 2020-22 JAINUDDIN KHAN Analysis of Customer Satisfaction towards Reliance JIO
3 2020-22 Vipin Awasti To study of Marketing Operation At Big Bazar