Purchase committee


A.    To identify and monitor the purchases required for all the academic, administrative and amenities requirements.


A.    To take indents from the departments/committees/ faculties etc against requirement.

B.     To supervise all the purchases made in the campus.

C.     To analyze quotations provided by the logistics department, and provide recommendation for approval by the person having delegated powers.

D.     To request technical input from relevant staff as required.

E.      To ensure proportionality, transparency, accountability and fairness in the procurement process

F.      To frame necessary guidelines to exercise its powers judiciously.


S. No. Name Department Convener/member
1  Dr S. Q. Abbas Applied Science Chairman
2 Dr. Alok Mishra Applied Science  Vice Chairman
3  Mrs. Shweta Singh Business Administration Convener
4 Mr. Rajendra Singh Purchase Officer Co-Convener
5 Mr. Ramesh Patel Store In-charge Member
6 Mr. Irfan Ahmad Accounts Member

7                                HoDs of concerned Department.