A.    To create zeal amongst students and faculty members towards research and innovation.

B.     To create centers of research in various areas of research.

C.     To work closely with the industrial needs that eventually will result in new or improved products, processes, systems or services that can increase the company’s productivity.

D.    To foster collaborations for mutual benefits and to maximize industrial connectivity.

E.     To establish collaboration with other universities, public and private sectors and identify R &D projects including consultancy services which could be undertaken at the institution.

F.      To promote research in various departments of the Institute.

G.    To ensure smooth functioning and effective management of R&D at the institution


A.    The committee shall promote research and development activities by motivating students and members of faculty for publishing research papers

B.     Motivating them to get patents for their works

C.     To organize regular seminars and workshops on emerging trends and technologies with a special focus on innovations

D.    To organize regular industrial trainings for the students commensurate with market needs.

E.    To organize regular industrial visits for the students

F.     To organize conference on innovations every year.


S.No. Name Department Status of the member
1 Mr. R.S. Mishra Civil Engineering Convener
2 Dr. Bhavesh Kumar Thakur Computer Science and Engineering Co Convener
3 Dr. Kamlesh Singh Mechanical Engineering Member
4 Mr. Alok Mishra Computer Science and Engineering Member
5 Dr. P.K.Dwivedi Applied Science Member
6 Dr. P.P.Sinha Applied Science Member
7 Dr. Pankaj Prajapati Electronics & Communications Engineering Member
8 Mr. A.K.Trivedi Director Diploma Member
9 Mr. Anup Singh Mechanical Engineering Member
10 Mr .Dawar Hussain Electronics & Communications Engineering Member
11 Mr .J.P.Dixit Information Technology Member
12 Dr. Shweta Mishra Business Administration and PDP (Training) Member
13 Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh Applied Science Member