PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a programming language that allows for the user to have more control over the HTML that makes up a web page. PHP allows for many more functions than HTML does, such as DIV tables, login functions, and graphical displays. PHP was originally known as Personal Home Page, which describes the purpose of the language. PHP works alongside HTML within the same document which allows for users to organize and display information within a web browser much easier than other programming languages. PHP is easy to learn and allows for users to make a web page look and behave exactly as they want it to.
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All students will learn to:
1- Gain the PHP programming skills needed to successfully build interactive, data-driven sites
2- Use the MVC pattern to organize code
3- Test and debug a PHP application
4- Work with form data
5- Use cookies and sessions
6- Work with regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data

There are more then 200 companies in India who hire fresh graduates for web development using PHP. Normally companies have to give 2-3 months of full time training in PHP. to new hires. This course provides this real life training for web development before graduates join a company. This will help the companies save 3 months of time and 50,000 to 100,000 Rs that companies spend in salaries and training of fresh graduates before they become productive.