• Campus Highlights A cultural Environment is created
  • About AIMTAIMT is one of the most prominent professional institutes amongst the dozen educational institutes founded by the Ambalika group
  • Research & PublicationResearch & Publication
  • Seminar HallAIMT’s seminar hall, the main auditorium, in a theater-style setting, spead over an area of 3000sq.feet can comfortably accommodate 200 persons.
  • LaboratoriesKnowledge is rendered purposeless without application
  • Sports FacilitiesThe exposure to co-curricular activities in the form of games, both indoor and outdoor & cultural activities.
  • CafeteriaThe AIMT cafeteria is a favorite haunt for our students and faculty members.
  • Class RoomsThe Teaching-Learning pedagogy used in the classrooms is IT enabled.
  • WorkshopFor an engineer who designs and implements large scale projects, the student phase of his/her life is of crucial significance.
  • AIMT ScholarsAIMT Scholars
  • Library CenterA library is the soul of an academic institution
  • Governing Body Governing Body
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About Us»AIMT | Overview

Ambalika group was established to provide high quality professional education in the streams of Engineering and Management. The Trustee is currently managing Ambalika Construction Limited, Ambalika Chit fund Limited and Ambalika Farms & Resorts ltd. The main line of business of the promoters is Infrastructure Development activities, Building Construction, Machinery Rental, Transportation & Logistics, Earthwork, Mining and Crushing. The business is carried out in the group's main company Ambalika Construction Limited. Group's current year turnover is estimated to be around Rs.40 cr. Uttar Pradesh is the one of the big state of the country. It has vast natural resources. But it is still backward in the field of Technical and Management Education in particular. This adversely affects the industrial growth and overall economy of the state. Therefore, there is urgent need of expansion of management and technical education in the state.

UGCAmbalika group of companies is a well renowned brand name in the industrial sector. It also has spread its wings in the education sector with its academic institution's presence in Pratapgarh. Dynamic and challenging times call for agile Managers and Engineers who can forecast and respond to the changes around them. Keeping this thing in mind, Ambalika Group has established itself successfully and spread its wings in both the industry as well as the academics. The group was started by Mr. B.C.Mishra. His dedication and devotion has led to the establishment of several ventures thereby providing a numerous employment opportunities and contributing in the development of the economy.

The group consists of :-

  • Ambalika Construction LTD.
  • Ambalika Rental Division, Civil Equipments(No.1 in NORTH INDIA).
  • Ambalika Readymaix Concrete. 
  • Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology.
  • Ambalika Software Solution(TWA INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. a Sister Concern Company). 
  • Ambalika Chitfund Pvt LTD.
  • Ambalika Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. 
  • Stonemart INDIA.
  • Ashlay Infrastructure

The College is committed to its core values and expects all stakeholders (faculty, students, etc.) to embrace them. It has zero tolerance towards any deliberate violation of the core values.