The Department of Civil Engineering in the field of Engineering and Technology has been constantly contributing to the cause of engineering education and training, right since its establishment. Over a period of time, the department has grown manifold and has contributed immensely to the technology transfer and the propagation of technological advancements. With the changing technological order across the country and the globe, the department too, has maintained pace in becoming at par with the latest and most sophisticated R&D, design, testing, instrumentation and computation facilities The department has developed a strong link with the real estate and infrastructure industry, which provides the students a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge on working modules. Ambalika construction in association with AIMT is closely involved in harnessing the young minds and providing them on the Job Training.

The training and education of the students in a wide range of fields has been a constant endeavor of the department over these years. The department is distinguished by dedicated and highly qualified members of faculty, supported by excellent laboratories and the state of the art infrastructure. The department owns a rich library as a part of central library having hundreds of text and reference books.


To nurture the Civil Engineering Student fraternity and focus in right areas so that we can contribute to the nation’s growth by providing talented and technically competent professionals while making the   teaching-learning process an enjoyable experience.


To produce an engineer who can adopt an integrated approach to various problems in Civil Engineering and judiciously use methods of research and contemporary technologies to benefit the society at large.

Mission 1:   Adopt an integrated approach to various problems in Civil Engineering

Mission 2:   Judiciously use knowledge of Civil Engineering

Mission 3:   Use latest Research and Technology

Mission 4:   Benefit the society 

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Program educational objectives are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing the graduates to achieve.

  1. A strong foundation in mathematics, basic sciences and engineering fundamentals, to successfully compete for entry-level positions or pursue postgraduate programs in Civil Engineering and related fields.
  2. Contemporary Civil Engineering professional skills, collection, analysis/interpretation and presentation of data, including hands-on laboratory experience, exposure to modern software, creativity, and innovation to successfully compete in the local, national and global market.
  3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, broad knowledge and an understanding of multicultural and global perspectives to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, both as team member and leader.
  4. Integrated development of the personality to deal with ethical and professional issues, taking into account the broader social implications of civil engineering and also develop independent and lifelong learning.

Programme along with following courses:

1- CAD 2D for 2nd Year

2- CAD 3D for 3rd Year

3- STADD PRO for 3rd Year

4- PRIMEVERA for 4th Year

5- MS Project for 4th Year

Laboratories in Department of Civil Engineering :-

  •  Electrical measurement lab
  •  Fluid Flow Lab
  •  Mechanical Operation Lab
  •  Environmental Lab
  •  Structural Analysis Lab
  •  Geo-informatics Lab
  •  Hydraulics & Machine Lab
  •  CBSNT Lab
  •  NGP
  •  Geotechnical Engg. lab
  •  Transportation Engg. lab
  •  Cad Lab – 1
  •  Quantity Surveying & Estimation
  •  Cad Lab2
  •  Environmental Engg. lab
  •  Structural Detailing Lab
  •  Survey Camp**
  •  Seminar
  •  Industrial Training**
  •  Project

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