The Department of Computer science & engineering was established in year 2008 and since then, the department has come a long way. Computers are the driving force in today’s fast moving world and technology is embedded in everything around us. Together, computing and technology have a profound impact on the way we live, the way we communicate and the environment we live in. The growing importance of computers in our modern day society is acknowledged fully by us at AIMT. We ensure that our students and faculty members are equipped with the latest computing skills. Naturally, our faculty members are completely tuned to the uses of emerging technologies and they take a special interest in transmitting their knowledge and skills to the students.

AMBALIKA has an up-to date ICT infrastructure, providing students with the best possible means to carry out their day-to-day work and facilitate assignments and project work. Every student is assigned a computer to work on and to acquire hands-on experience under the guidance of expert faculty members. AMBALIKA is the only North Indian institute equipped with world class modular furniture and has one of the best designed, centrally air conditioned Computer Center. The commitment of our college to provide quality education in this field is evident by the fact that there are 6 labs with 6 servers and 300 Core 2 duo machines. This includes Windows7, UNIX, Oracle, Dot Net, VB, C, C++, Java and PHP. The center boasts of the latest software technologies connected with LAN. The lab is used for web-surfing and for procuring useful information from the Internet. Priority is given to see that students are well acquainted with basics of Engineering graphics, mechanical designs, machines and tools and other software reliabilities.

Computer Science & Engineering is the branch of engineering which prepares students for designing and developing modern computers, computer based systems, softwares, including computer games, word processing and business application.

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