Today, the business environment is competitive, and it is essential for a manufacturer to maintain error-free production and reduced ‘time to market’ to stay ahead of competitors. Here comes the need for processes that deliver high-quality products within compressed development schedules at very low costs. Here, CAD & CAM have emerged as critical applications for manufacturers.

COMPUTER AIDED THREE-DIMENSIONAL (CAD) is an interactive application with multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE commercial software suite developed by the French company Dassault Systems. It is written in the C++ programming language. CAD is also known as COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, CAE as COMPUTER-AIDED ENGINEERING, and CAM as COMPUTER-AIDED MANUFACTURING. CAD/CAM/CAE is an evergreen branch of engineering. CAD/CAM/CAE plays a vital role right from the stage of conceiving of the idea to designing the product with aesthetic appeal to developing the product level drawings and lastly to the validation/analysis stage. CAD/CAM/CAE is the integral part of today’s product development and product lifecycle. The multifold capabilities of the application empower engineers with better visualization and data handling tools necessary to create efficient products.

Here’s in Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology of we offer you an opportunity to learn CAD & CAM under a regular course “M. Tech (Mechanical Engineering) “.


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