Automation & Robotics Engineering Courses will provide a comprehensive educational environment and enable students to gain expertise in next generation robotics and automation systems. By exposing our students to course work from multiple disciplines and preparing them to think about robotics from a holistic approach, our program will prepare a skilled industry workforce as well as expert researchers who will be able to provide leadership in a world that is increasingly dependent on technology. The students will have career opportunities in manufacturing, research and engineering, agriculture, mining, space exploration, power-plant maintenance and a variety of other areas. They are employed in laboratories, space exploration, manufacturing plants, mining and organizations after passing the course. Most robotics engineers are employed by private robot manufacturers or robot users. Robotics engineers who work for robot manufacturers are sometimes called robotics test engineers or automation system engineers. Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges. Automation & Robotics Engineering Courses is one of the recognized professional course in India. There are ample opportunities in this field for engineers both in India as well as in abroad countries. Automation plays an increasingly vital role in the world of economy and in daily experience.

Automation & Robotics

Automation & Robotics Engineering Courses